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See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. Share with friends, and watch on any device. You can also edit, download and upload videos, publish blogs to express yourself with comments or share, like and more ..


Communicate with an instant message, voice or video call; all for free. Plexus is available on phones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Plexus -to- Plexus calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. Plexus calls use your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes. Why bother having to remember yet another username, landline, cell phone number, email or PIN? Plexus works with anyone of them, even with your old, lost, new or current phone number. No SMS or email code confirmation requires. But you cannot change your username once set up, unless legally claimed. Video multi conference is easy than before. Stay at home and follow class tuition or a church celebration. No more worries about what is going on at home. Guard remotely while you are away. Reseaux-Plexus’s geographic location system allows you to find your bearings and indicate places to your correspondents in cities and towns where there is a lack of an addressing system and streets. No need to say after the third seller of oranges, turn left, at the corner, turn right, go up the hill, it is next to the mango tree, etc..


Create a profile for your business or for yourself to help your customers find valuable information like your website, location, Business card or contact information. You don’t need to pay for hosting your web pages. Just host your page for free at .


Keeping up with friends. Meet new people on your social media network. Find local social events. Upload or Play games with any of your Plexus friends. Create an account and begin writing your love story in just a few minutes.


Create, edit your own Quiz fast and easy. Plexus lets you set up your own marking and grading for each questions, Plexus lets you create more categories, subject or materia. Quiz supports text, image, audio and video type content. Quiz can be temporal (i.e. quiz opening and closing time, and solutions opening and closing time). When Quiz are not temporal, you are free to start, take a break, resume or repeat many time the same Quiz, even check the solution and marking, then resume. You can check your own score and your own progression. If you are a Quiz editor, you don’t need to correct and mark each participant to your Quiz; that job is done automatically by Plexus. You can print or export the list and score of all participants to your Quiz at any time. Plexus Quiz helps participants learn and memorize any topic, materia faster than before. No matter how long is the document to memorize. Plexus Quiz helps you get ready for any test and exam. . 


Transfer money to anybody anywhere. You don’t just send money, but you can specify the reason with a personified invoice. You don’t need to have a bank account or a credit card. Just install Plexus on your cell phone and transfer and receive money via your username, landline, cell phone number or email in a very secured and true face to face way. Pay your bills and assurance remotely. Don’t spend time in boring lines. Buy and sell goods. Plexus connect your business to customers . Reseaux-Plexus's geographic location system allows you to locate yourself and your customer, to indicate the location of goods and sellers to your correspondents in cities and towns where there is a lack of an addressing system and streets. No need to say after the third orange seller, turn left, at the corner, turn right, go up the hill, it is next to the mango tree, etc.

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