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       is designed to help you save money on your electricity bill and to optimize your energy consumption. 


     During economic crises, companies closures as well as during economic growths ... You can save money ( from 10% up to 70% ) on your electricity bills.

The Web software will analyze your electricity bills, make an energy inventory of your electronic and electrical equipment, calculate and monitor your real needs in electrical energy. In Countries, States or Provinces where applicable, will make a comparative study of different tariffs and others commercial data in order to choose an optimal and economical solution that best suits your consumptions curves; just in few mouse clicks.


     It is important to forecast the cost of your electricity bills in order to avoid cash flow surprises, additional late fines and fees. will record, monitor your electricity consumption and pre-calculate your «bill» in real time before the monthly or bimonthly bill from your official electrical energy supplier.


     With private smart meters, remote metering and internet, offers dashboards, multi-parameter real-time graphs, budget monitoring, budget overspending alerts and many advanced optimizations. will enable the localization and the correction of energy waste sources.


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